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"I had never heard of the Yoga Nidra experience prior to speaking with my friend about needing an opportunity to relax and clear my mind. Even for someone like me whose mind is going 24/7 as a wife, mother of toddlers, and caretaker to elderly, etc. I was able to find a center of peace while practicing Yoga Nidra. Leslie's methods worked - first time! I ended fully energized and centered. I would definitely do it again...and again, and again!"

--Katia Jones, Client

"Ms. Rowans has been instrumental in helping me regain quality sleep through her techniques of relaxation and personal inner reflections. My overall peace from her sessions has and continue to be a positive outlook on life itself. Her coaching skills to move you to completion of your goals are outstanding. I highly recommend you spend time with her and you too will see positive results."

--Naamon Moorman, Client

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